04 factory problems...help newb please!

Apr 2012
ohio usa
Well hello everyone. So I was out riding on a pretty hot day, I pulled over for a quick drink of water and went to start the ape back up and nothing. It would turn over but not start and the fans kept kicking on. So I let it cool down for a while then she started right up. She starts everytime since then. But since I had that issue the ape started to hesitate on hard acceleration and also wen holding a steady rpm. Wen im at about a half tank of gas I start to get a wiff of it as im riding. I check coolant level its good, looked for has leaks found nothing. I need help fast, its beggining of riding season and I need to solve theese issues now. Please help me out any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank u all!
Sep 2011
hi there. Just a few thoughts on your problem. When you have stopped on a hot day the ' heat soak ' can cause an issue. If the tank was very full you could have some fuel pushed into the air box if your tank breather is routed that way. ( I would clean the air cleaner and also see if any oil has pushed back from the crankcase breather which would also impair engine breathing. ( this normally only happens when over filling oil ) If the tank cap does not seal properly you could have more rapid ' octane ' bleed off as a result of the excess heat which would show as a lack of performance for that tank at least . Lastly I would change spark plugs if they are close to ' due ' date or just check the porcelain for cracks and excessive fouling.

I would hate to suggest that the fuel pump is not supplying enough pressure.....

Do the easiest checks first, remedy and look at the result and work from there

good luck