2003 RSVR tries to turn over when battery connected and wont stop turning over :(

Aug 2016
dallas, tx
Bit of a weird problem I've run into with a new to me 2003 RSVR
This is only my second time starting the bike, ever. Once when I bought it, and now this happens :(

I put the bike on battery charger to make sure it has a good strong charge before starting it up today.
A friend came by to see the bike and we wanted to hear the wonderful VTwin
Put the key in, set to run
Kill switch set to run
Thumb the starter, bike fires up no problem
Hit kill switch to turn off and the bike loses its mind
Starter starts going again while its running
Engine dies
Starter is still turning
Turn key off
Starter still going
Pull key out
Starter still going

Had to pull the seat and remove battery terminal to stop it
Every time I connect the battery back, the starter just goes non-stop
Even with the key completely removed from the bike

This one is baffling me.

Any help or points in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. I haven't even gotten to ride it :(
Oct 2010
Modding collectors in kent
Oh and make sure its a 150amp upgraded item...standard item is a common fail.
Jan 2020
Yeah replace starter solenoid bigger stated cable and make some new earth cables running from cylinder to base on both cylinders and another cable joining both cylinders fixed the issue and improved the starter