2017 RSV4 - Tuono parts - wheels - ecu clip ons etc

Jan 2019
Littleton, Colorado
Selling some very lightly used 2017 RSV4 parts, all parts have less than 300 miles of use.

OZ GASS R wheels - black - $1950.00
Aprilia Race ecu - part #pm0085568.a - $550.00
DID 520 Chain and sprockets - $180.00
Breese Racing switches - left and right switches - $500.00
Attack performance rearset- will work regular shift and reverse shift patterns - $475.00

Please let me know if any question. Have original boxes for wheels. tires not included.

Can't seem to get photos uploaded.. anyone able to help with that ?
Jul 2019
Tap on chats then at the bottom you’ll see symbols of what to do, take camera, paste a photo or attachments

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