Akrapovic & Austin Racing exhaust issues????

Dec 2011
West Yorkshire
Just a quick message as I need your experience.

Just bought an Ape 2012 Rsv4 Factory and managed to blag an Akrapovic carbon exhaust can and link pipe with a CAT. I wish to cut down the end can to race size and open/take out all the perf add a new link pipe with a 63mm link onto the original. The issue I have is that Aprilla have said that 1. I could blow the engine as a few have done already with AR. 2. Warranty will be void if I did. I haven't heard of anybody having these issues, have you? If so what other options have you been down.

If I did this what effect would it have on my bike if any as APRILLA have stated that people have blown engines due to running rich.

Jan 2012
York, North Yorksire
You'd be better posting this on AF1 forum pal, afew more RSV4 owners seem to visit that forum


Jun 2015
ive never heard of rich engine going pop, lean and burning valves maybe, ive heard of AR buring valves, im assuming that you have a 3 month warrenty from the dealer?
i dont think cutting it down will hurt anything, its a muffler not a flux capacitor,