aprilia starting problems

Jun 2016
guys, i need some electrical guidance here...
today i was training to do wheelies, i did not push the bike too much, because i am an amateur, but i landed a bit harsh one time.
anyway, i turn off the bike and talking with the others for a couple of minutes.
then i wanted to start it but, it did not at first, so i turn the key off position and on again to restart the process. it did not again, then second time i put the key to off position the bike suddenly was trying to start itself, even that the key was out of the ignition. so it was trying non stop to start (still by itself) until the battery was completely drained. what i did after was a few hard hits on the starting relais next to the battery, and eventually it started :thumbup with the help of battery cables from a car.
and of course i go also the diagnostic minus 1.
please delight me, what the hell just happened? never seen something like this before, a bike trying to start by its own.

thanks in advance.
Oct 2018
starting problems '01 Mille

My '01 Mille starts fine for three or 4 days, then won't start for 4-5 days after, then starts fine again for 3-4 days, etc.. The problem has been getting slowly worse. Last time it wouldn't start for a week, then fired right up without me doing anything to the bike. Battery voltage is fine at 13.2 volts, I checked all the fuses, all are ok including the two 30amp fuses near the battery. After about 8-10 seconds of cranking the engine, the battery is at 12.4v. I can smell gas at the exhaust pipe. I only have a multi meter for diagnosis of electrical problems but kind of suspect a relay for some reason but don't know how to check relays.
Any advice would be helpful. Thanks in advance.