BT016 what a ride today!!

Oct 2008
Hampshire UK
Hey folks,

Just thought I'd share my ride with you today.

Put some new rubber on the bike BT016's, 180 55 rear, changed over from a 190 55 GP Racer.
Was very happy with the new tyres and weather today, filled the bike up with petrol, took it easy for the first 40 miles then started to have some fun. Few miles later I was scratching my knees round loads of corners :devious
My fuel light came on at 80miles also as well which is a bit naughty cos I was taking it easy for the first 40 haha
Would definatly recommend the tyres.
Not so much meat on them as the dunlops though I was running off the edges on the front and rear.:eek::eek:

Shake n Bake

My 190s are just about ready for a change. I think I'll give the BT016 180s a go. How much did pay for them?


Awesome tyres the BT016's!!

Warm up really quickly and are brilliant in the wet.