gearbox problem on rsv4 aprc 2011

Oct 2015
warwick uk
4th gear not engaging jumping out of gear got so bad had to go from 3rd to 5th why? And how to fix any ideas
Oct 2010
Modding collectors in kent
Call aprilia performance asap...

good news is they have an accesable gearbox so it can be fixed
Oct 2010
Not good news im afarid
sounds like 4th is fekked, and prob the selctor fork too.
Mine has just done this and lunched 5 cogs and three slectors in the gearbox, 75 plus vat per cog etc etc ££££££££
Aprilias cogs are/were made of cheese as they have uprated them now.
yes its a cassette gearbox so comes out easily but still££££ in labour im afraid
Been using a QS by anychance?