Hello, Newb here. Show me some love...

Feb 2008
Well.... New to all this 'forum' stuff. I have a few plans, a few words and a few stories to lob out. Also I am sure i will need some advice from you lot:devious

I ride a 52 plate RSV, it gets used almost every day, live in Kent and work mostly in London. Got a TLS too, but I wont mention that again eh...

I run the gearin mod, Rengade box and chip and a spit from a Devil Magum can. Rubber wise I have 2CT's, they are wicked.

Cool. Well... this weekend I am fixing. Cooked front brakes = no lever and a flat back tyre...

Peace is not an option on a V twin

Super T

Hi Flick mate & welcome :) friendly bunch round here they are.
Theres a few of us in & around kent on this board :)

Laters Dan