Sep 2009
Blackpool, Lancashire
Hi guys. I joined this forum In 2009 while looking for an RSV. Just 8 years later I finally got one 😂.

It's a blood orange MY06 on a 58 plate with 10k miles. A snip at £3750. Took it out for its first ride, however and it cut out. Turns over all electrics functioning normally but won't start. I believe it has been stood for a year or so. I was limited to what I could do at the road side but I siphoned out most of the petrol and replaced with new and still won't fire up. Any suggestions what to do next?

Thanks in advance 😊
Feb 2017
Herts, england
Did you buy it from a dealer ? Let them fix it under sale of good act.

If private it could be many reasons. You get more help here RSVR.NET Forums

It could be simple ! The magneto is known for problems, is the battery fully charged for example ?

Reference Thread - Common Issues Info

8th one down talks about your problem (hopefully) and how to check the computer on the bike
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Oct 2010
Modding collectors in kent
Failing all the above get it to Tamworth let griff and the boys at Aprilia performance solve your woes