Hi all, newb in need of help please.

Jun 2014
Evening every1, I am the new proud owner of a 2001 Mille rsv. It's immaculate and as covered a little over 25,000.
It sounds the business and makes me smile a lot more than riding my Fireblade. Really love the difference compared to the il4.
I love everything about the Mille, looks, riding position, noise and the way it handles etc.

A little about me.... I'm from West Yorkshire, live with my wife and we have a little person due very soon!
This forum looks really good, full of info and I'm sure I will learn and benefit a lot.
So my issue is if anyone can be kind enough to guide me is with the wires that come off the rectifier.
I had a few starting issues so I investigated further.... I heard about the sprag starter on these things and costing £££££ to put right so from day1 I've had an optimiser on it whilst not been used.
The digi dash is showing 11.1 V whilst sat in traffic idling and to be honest it doesn't fill me with confidence. When I increase the revs it nearly hits 13volts!? Is this correct?
So I've heard vague comments about a brown connector coming off the rectifier...so this afternoon I took the rear fairing off and I'm greeted with no brown connector but instead a burnt crispy roll of three barrel crimped yellow cables!!!!
So what's the best way forward now. If I cut back to good cable it will be to short to crimp through and also I have no idea on polarity as they all separated when I took the tape off!
Do you think the rectifier will be damaged after all this?
I would appreciate any help, or if anyone is in bradford/ Bingley area and has knowledge of this id be more than happy to hand someone pound notes!
Thanks in advance
May 2013
East Yorkshire
Easiest thing is to solder in heavier gauge wire from one end and then use some decent size bullet connectors - crimp and solder them not just crimp
The crimps tend to add resistance due to poor connectivity which leads to heat - you've seen the result.
The three wires can be connected in any which way -no polarity.
Search for brown connection mod or use this: Wire mod instructions for Dummies, Like ME!!
Cost less than £5 plus solder and multimeter.
If that shows rectifier is goosed then that is the next step.
Jul 2012
Do the mod as suggested but my dash shows about 1.3 volts lower than actual reading on the multimeter ALL the time.

But do the mod it is worth it for peace of mind.