Mille Front brake judder

Apr 2011
Hi guys, ive been pulling my hair out with this one as its a problem ive had for sometime now and I still havent got to the bottom of it.
I have a 02 non radial Mille. Brake judder from speed feels like primitve ABS. No pulsing through the lever but judders right through the front end. Even coming to a gentle stop isnt too smooth.
I have checked and changed the usial, ie ;
. Loosened the buttons,
. Checked if discs are straight
. Got a micrometer on them to check for thick spots
. Changed discs anyway as people still swore it must be the discs
. New wheel bearings
. New pads
. Had the calipers off and cleaned many times, no pistons siezed
. No fork oil leak
. The head race bearings seem to be fine when pushing and pulling etc.
. Wheel spins as normal by hand when on the stand
. Dosent always stop the wheel in the same area when doing the above

So, any ideas?

Two of the pistons in each caliper move before the others, but stopping them or pushing them back with a finger is enough to get the others moving. All can be seen backing off a touch as pressure at the leaver is released.
My next step was going to be new seals in them just in case then a fork rebuild.
Its all starting to add up Ā£ and still not sure whats causing it! šŸ˜©

Any help appreciated,