Not only a newb, but a damned yank to boot!!

Jun 2014
Morning gents (and/or ladies),

I'm not actually an RSV-4 owner yet, but I figured it best to join some forums to see what I'm getting myself in to prior to taking the plunge.

I've been riding for the past four years (I average approx 8,000miles a year) and have always owned Hondas, first an '08 CBR600RR, then a '11 CBR1000RR. Hondas are great bikes, and I love them to death... but I've always had a bit of tight pants syndrome when it came to the RSV-4.

Long story short, I was riding the Tail of The Dragon this April when I had a Sheriff pull onto the road behind me. Mindful of getting a speeding ticket (they LOVE to issue them there) I slowed right down to the posted 30mph and payed close attention to my speed and the sheriff. Sadly this meant that less attention was spent on the road and my rhythem was ALL messed up as I had to constantly reign in with the brakes. Long story short I had an off at mile 5 and my bike went for a little trip 30-40 feet down the side of the mountain. Its totaled.

I'm now looking at purchasing another bike and it boils down to either another (new) CBR or an RSV-4. Either one will be brand new as I'm rather meticulous and don't trust a previous owner to properly break in or maintain my bike, I don't get them as a temporary fancy so I'm looking for the long run.

I'm signing in here because I'm looking for an honest (though obviously biased) opinion on the RSV-4. Specifically I'm curious about their maintenance. I'm mildly inclined with a wrench so I prefer to do all my own work (its cheaper, satisfying, and I know its been done properly). The amount of technology in the RSV-4 has me a bit concerned that I may be tethered to a dealership for any/all troubleshooting and maintenance.

What are ya'lls experiences when it comes to upkeep on the bikes?