Ok guys, got the new factory.......

Jul 2007
West Lothian, Scotland
Right guys, picked the bike up from Paul (cheers pal!!) and dropped her off in the garage, fitted optimate lead to battery and plugged it in.
It's a beautiful machnine!! Got a couple of wee questions, so here goes...
1- Paul has Pazzo levers fitted and when i pull the lever, the brake light doesn't activate. Must be the switch but can anyone tell me if they've had this and how they cleaned it up??
2- I'm going to raise the rear as much as possible as i like it that way and wondered how i would know when I'm at the "limit" without the bottom mount coming out completely?? Has anyone got a measurement i can take or threads showing below the locknut etc...??
3- Needing to get a new rear tyre (probably swap both over) and wanted to confirm a 190/55 fits without issue??
Cheers all.............looking forward to getting her out....those cored cans are fecking evil!! May not need the Devils on after all!!!
Jun 2012
I have ny new 07 factory too.. got it saturday like you ;)

I have pazzos on both my gen2's, brake light works fine, should be a little pin on the underside of the lever that actuates a microswitch.. all mechanical and easy to see..

I know there is a manual for the OE ohlins shock, I've seen it around, and I am quite sure it mentions a maximum adjustment limit.

I've run 120-70-17 and 190-55-17 on both bikes without any issue.