Plastic tank paint bubbling

Oct 2010
Has anybody had an ally tank fitted inside their plastic one to combat the dreaded plastic ethanol problem ? mines bubbling in places now so i want a metal tank inside the plastic one after ive had it repainted at dream machine.

cheers .

Feb 2017
Herts, england
Getting a inner aluminium tank is going to expensive one off.
I coated the inside my tank with FLOWLINER tank coating - C.Wylde & Son Ltd
I presume you are in England ? If in other markets ethanol resistant coatings are available . £40 should cover any tank .
Make sure you get the one for plastic tanks because the metal tank sealant will melt your plastic tank !

The flowliner inside tank coating works well and my tank is staying the correct size, it grew 40mm with a winter left with ethanol fuel in it. I took the tank off and drained it, then I 'dried' the tank in the airing cupboard.
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