Redbull Indianapolis GP Announcement Ceremony and Ride

Jul 2007
Central Indiana
WHOOHOOO!!!!! It's official, MotoGP is coming to my backyard! :)

I had heard that there was going to be a ride connected to the race on the 23rd. However, when I got to work this morning I found that it was today (I got the info from my supervisor, who's son works at the theater that served as the rally point).

So...I left, called a buddy and we met for lunch before heading over the Murat Theater. Not long after we arrived, the Redbull girls showed up and starting handing out as much of the stuff as you'd care to drink. I think I had 5 cans...I may not sleep for days. Eventually a pack of 200+ motorcycles would gather to be lead to the track with a police escort. The ride was lead by Kenny Roberts JR, on a Honda CBR.

MMMM, Redbull...

Part of the pack:

Think Indy loves MotoGP?

KRJR, at the riders meeting:

We rode to the track and parked in the shade of the famous pagoda:

Umbrella girls!

Next we went inside for the announcement ceremony. John and I grabbed a few seats on the front row, just down from Kevin Schwantz, KRJR, Tony George, etc.

The man, #34:

Official contract signing, apparently a 3 year deal:

Kevin, talking about what Indy means and his take on the event:

Tony George and KRJR:

Free swag! T-shirt, sticker, key chain, pin, and credentials for the announcement ceremony: