RST fuel problem

Aug 2018
United Kingdom
Hi I'm a site newbie,
After a six year layoff I have fuel problems. The pump doesn't prime. I thought it was my old Meta M357T V2 which was 13 years old, so replaced it and bought a new higher crank battery, excellent cranking & spark but no fuel, if I put fuel direct it does fire.
There is no priming noise when ignition is switched on. I've read that there is a relay that primes the pump, where is it located? Also mentioned is a 'tilt switch' by the battery, there is a small black 'box' velcro'd to the frame but no arrow on it for the correct way up & can't find anything else, fuses O.K. 30 & 15 amp.
Only basic electrical knowledge I'm afraid. Lost the decent weather now & the will to live! Can anyone hep please, keep it simple if possible. RST 1000.