RSV Gen 1 and Gen 2 side stand bracket

Jul 2015
Sorry if this has been already covered but does a Gen 2 side stand bracket fit on a Gen 1. I've studied pictures of the 2 brackets and even though the bracket are different in shape, I can't see any reason why it wouldn't. It looks as if the bolt holes line up and the difference in shape doesn't look that it would be a problem fitting.

Feb 2017
Herts, england
I cant see why it shouldn't. The gen 1 had the engine off set to the left by 20mm. This was to 'balance' the bike against the boat anchor of silencer on the right hand side. 20kg of eu legislated crap !
All they did in the gen 2 was mount the engine square. Twin exhaust silencers balanced the bike, and updated the rear shock settings by using different shock ratios, to have the ohlins (and the sachs) in a more normal range. The gen 1 shocks are very heavily sprung.....

All this waffle ! I think it should fit. Even if it doesn't, you should be able to sell it on to another who has the correct bike for the stand :cheers