Rsvr 2002 cutting out

Jan 2013
Hi all,

I some help please....

RSVR 2002, power commander and chip.

My rsvr 2002 has started cutting out's fine on tick over never Misses a beat.

I'm riding along and it is like someone has switch it off for a second then it's back to life.

I've changed side stand sensor, tilt switch, used the 2 wires for the diagnostic mode but no faults comming up (shows 0 then with some revs 1).

I've checked every connection I can.

Anyone got any ideas it's doing my head in :(


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Feb 2017
Herts, england
Ignition switch. Heavy key fob and a wankered ignition switch ?
A wire rubbing against an earth, touching occasionally ?

I've had both.....