Snetterton 8th September (Monday) full day

Apr 2013
Great day bike was excellent as ever didn't miss a beat even though I had to put the baffles in. Was a few gen1 s going round mine was the only Gen2 got a fair amount of attention which is always nice.

I've done a few at Snetterton but never timed myself until Monday. I was in the inters and not much came past me but my best lap was 2:17. Other than bsb I've nothing to compare that to..... Anyone done better or worse be keen to see what times are " average "
Jun 2015
Im doing 2.22 on my gen 1 i am 115 kg fat rider . My next track day on Snetterton 28 September open pit lan. Bought some good sticky tyres now and will try to beat my own record