Starter cable and solenoid upgrade

May 2017
Ran the 2002 ape out for a steady 20 min run. Stopped for a brew and 10 mins later it wouldnt start. Cable connection to the starter motor and solenoid both smoking/melting.

Can anyone tell me where I can pick up an upgrade cable set? The upgraded solenoids are easy enough to find but Im buggered if I can find any cables out there other than the standard

I did read a thread on here about upgrading the lot and Killaprilla was mentioned as a supplier but I cant find out anymore.

Appreciate any tips1 btw
Jan 2015
Winchester UK
I think you may have to become a member to view, just put Johnboy in the search box and you will be able to contact him via pm

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Nov 2017
First RSV zone now - how many sites do I have to join to contact this elusive guy?
I just want a contact so that I can buy some uprated cables!!