Starter not engaging

Oct 2018
Nw Pennsylvania
I just purchased a 2002 RSV Mille without hearing it run. I was told the previous owner just replaced the sprag clutch. Talked to some of his friends and hey stated that he has been riding it. He told me that the battery was junk and now wouldn't hold a charge. So after getting it home I placed it on charge to see if I could get the battery to take a charge so I can start it up. After a few hours on charge I attempted to start the bike. It started to turn over and I heard a noise that sounded like a clunk and now the starter turns but does not turn the engine.

Could it be that he didn't install the sprag clutch properly and it has messed up? Would this be a reason that the engine doesn't turn over now? I'm new to the RSV engines and need some guidance.