Why don't dealers open on a Sunday?

Jun 2009
Anyone know why dealers don't open Sundays or am I the only guy that wants to by a new bike? Moto Rapido, Moto Corsa, Forza Italia, Triumph dealers......etc are shut and me with money in my pocket. Saturdays involves homely duties so I'm stuffed unless I take a day off work and lose money - Crazy.
Nov 2010
Because dude , they got homely duties kids wives etc etc .

I understand were your cOming from for sure but, when do they get to ride out with the boys?

There's always a wayto get to the shop in the week Isnt there!

I don't work weekends (even though it's rare if I don't do a little workto be honest, cos someone will usually arrange to drop off a bike or collect one no probs if it's prearranged ) cos I honestly would never get any time with my kid otherwise , my dad worked like that and I remember being fed up about that , so it's not happening to me!

That's why I don't open on Sunday's!
Jan 2011
Well said that man

I have the same problem if I need to get trough extra work it has to be done at weekends but I try not to as 2 kids a wife and a bike demand I have some fun!!!

So cut them some slack and take a day off to buy a bike my man them ride it like the rest ON A SUNDAY when everything is shut
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Oct 2010
um..... my local Honda, Triumph, Yamaha, Ducati and Kawasaki dealer are all open on a Sunday. They all do a half day closing on a wednesday though. And to be fair, in my Honda and Yamaha (also triumph) dealerships they have a good range of used stuff too. Ridiculously overpriced used stuff sold by d*ckhead sales people...... but still ok to look at/sit on. tt
Oct 2010
Depends on the staffing levels at said dealer often.

If it's a small dealer with 2 or 3 guys then it's difficult to give people time off and open 7days but a big dealer will likely always have enough staff for cover.

I have my own shop (not bike related) and i have to work 5.5 days a week in there and i work evenings for 5 hours, 7 days a week via the internet. (Thank you recesssion)

Would i like to only work 5 days if i could. Like feck i would partly for the reasons Griff mentioned but also for my own health and sanity which has a bearing on my family also.
If your good at your job the customer will nearly always wait until monday and if they can't then I can live with the loss.
Aug 2007
Farnborough, Hampshire
Most dealers will open nearer the summertime, in fact the Triumph dealership I manage starts Sunday opening as of next Sunday the 13th :thumbup however muggins here has the dubious honour of working the first Sunday!!
Oct 2010
Lets hope your Sunday opening season heralds some decent weather to make use of it.

Here comes the sun dooo dooo do dooo.......... NOT
Oct 2010
Our local Suzuki dealer opens on a sunday as thats when the peeps are out looking and then they are shut on the monday

They do servicing tuesday to saturday, which helps a lot of people who cant get in on a weekday

These days most shops are open all weekend and i suppose peeps just expect them to be open

But im self employed and these days you will be lucky if you can even get me to answer the mobile on the weekend.

Some people think i work from 7am to 12pm 8 days a week just because im self employed